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Developer Advocate
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External job from remotive.io
09-Feb-2022 18:33 GMT
Thousands of software engineers leverage Mergify to automate their workflow — and this number is increasing every day. That means thousands of people trust us to deliver a fast, reliable, and secure experience, and we value this more than anything.

On the other hand, millions of developers don't know about Mergify. Some of them have no idea that we are a solution to their problem while others never realized the problem we solved exists.

We want communities to become aware of how they could leverage Mergify to build their ideal. This is where you come in — to help us spread the future we envision.

That's why you will:
* be speaking at events;
* be writing blog posts;
* reach out to communities to make every developer aware of Mergify;
* be in charge of building internal tooling to boost our strategic and tactical capacity;
* contribute to technical documentation;
* participate in code reviews;
* partner with product engineering teams to build compelling demos;
* design and deliver training materials and sessions;
* foster a community of customers;
* build a platform for our most active contributors.

What does our tech stack look like?

Mergify is written in Python, leverages Redis and PostgreSQL, and runs on Heroku. Our dashboard is written in React. We automate everything, and we deploy ten times per day.

What's it like to work at Mergify?

We're a fully remote team; we stay in touch using Slack, Linear, GitHub, and video calls. We like to have informal chats and meet regularly to have some fun. We obviously use Mergify to automate our pull requests and merge our code!

We try to be light on development processes; no one wants to get bogged down in bureaucracy, agile checklists, standups, or reporting deadlines. We use a simple kanban approach to handle our work, splitting tasks and project into small blocks where you can take the lead.

You won't be locked in various status meetings. We try to leave you alone to get on with your work. You are free to organize your own time. We trust our teammates to be responsible and get their job done.

* You have publicly available writing samples or recordings of presentations on technical topics;
* You are fluent in reading and writing in at least 2 programming languages. (e.g., C, Ruby, Python, Go, Rust, Haskell, C++, Lisp, PHP, …);
* You are comfortable and familiar with GitHub and SDLC;
* You are familiar with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, GitHub Actions, CircleCI, Travis, or similar;
* You enjoy self-driven exploration and education on new technologies and languages;
* You have worked in open-source projects;
* You have worked in engineering teams;
* You are able to transform dry technical topics into engaging, informative, and interesting educational materials.

Bonus Points
* You have experience producing videos that distill complex technical concepts into content easily understood by both technical and non-technical audiences;
* You already are an active member of open-source communities.

Recruitment Process
* 📞 Short Introduction Interview: we'll chat about what you excel at and what you want to do (20 minutes)
* 🧱 Project: we'll give a small project to build at home (~2 hours)
* ⚙️ Technical Interview: we'll chat about your project and your technical skills (1 hour)
* 🤝 Value Alignment Interview: we'll chat about how it is to work at Mergify and if you'd be comfortable with our organization (1 hour)
* 🎉 Offer: that's up to you to take it!
Job ID:
Required skills:
Software Development, Cpp, Excel, Php, Python, Ruby
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