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PHP Backend Developer
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External job from remotive.io
26-Jun-2021 01:39 GMT
"Real estate" and "technology". Sounds like an oxymoron right? Not anymore!

At IngeniousIO, we’ve cracked the code and built a world-class platform for companies of all sizes within the AECO industry across the globe, enabling them to simply and effortlessly manage all aspects of their projects--from inception to completion, and both internally and in conjunction with the other project participants.

Our mission is straightforward: to eliminate the internal and external fragmentation rampant within the $10,000,000,000 AECO industry.

Our vision is to create an environment where commercial construction and associated real estate projects are managed transparently and efficiently by all players in the process by combining unencumbered access to data with intelligent design… all in one, universal system.

Think about what you could do here… At IngeniousIO, you’ll be participating in one of the most exciting and unparalleled journeys of your career--a journey to pioneer the first cloud application to manage the entire lifecycle of a real estate project. In short, you’ll be building what some have claimed is the holy grail of project management. It’s big stuff. And if you’ve got what it takes, you’ll be directly involved in its development. The rest, as they say, will be history…

But we really mean you need to have what it takes. We are unabashedly and unapologetically a scalable start-up, not a small company, and there is a big difference. Working in a start-up isn’t for everybody--in fact, it’s actually a good fit for a very small, special (crazy?) group of people; you need to understand and embrace the start-up mentality if you’re going to thrive here. Put simply, this job is not for you if:
* You’re looking for a gold watch
* You get queasy with constant change
* You don’t do messy
* You’re uncomfortable being uncomfortable
* Learning on the fly isn’t your jam
* You fear failure
* Being challenged tires you
* You’re driven primarily by your paycheck
* You prefer “built” to “building”
* You require process and structure to thrive

That being said, if you’re among that small minority that looks things like that in the eye and yells “give me another helping, please”... well, you might have what we’re looking for and you should read on...


We are looking for a talented PHP Backend Developer to join our remote team. If you have top-notch programming skills and a deep-rooted passion for developing applications or improving existing ones--plus you like to solve problems--we would like to meet you. As a backend developer, you’ll work closely within a small team in SCRUM (but in conjunction with other dev teams) to ensure system consistency and improve user experience.

What is vital, however, is that you have, and demonstrate, a burning desire to constantly learn new things and to be proactive in your development efforts.

* Develop new modules on stable codebase.
* Step out and suggest best-development solutions.
* Refactor, optimize, and improve the existing codebase for maintenance and scale.
* Collaborate with frontend developers to integrate user-facing elements with server-side logic.
* Build reusable code and modules for future use.

Skills & Experience
* Analytical skills
* Teamwork skills with a problem-solving attitude.
* Experience with all aspects of web development, including HTML5, CSS3 & PHP, Sass, Twig, and Javascript.
* Proven track record in building IT systems.
* Experience with REST API.
* Working knowledge of PHP frameworks such as Laravel.
* Experience with building restful JSON web services.
* User authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments.
* Experience with MySQL and MongoDB.
* Experience with building large scale SaaS apps like CRM, CMS, and ERP.
* GIT.
* Docker.
* General knowledge of sockets (Swoole).
* English min. B2

* 15000 - 19000 PLN / monthly/ B2B (invoice without VAT)
* Stock options
* Long-term cooperation that gives stabilization
* Hardware
* A B2B contract that allows you to use IPBox
Job ID:
Required skills:
Software Development, Backend, Cloud, Cms, Css, Frontend, Html, Javascript, Mysql, Php, Sql
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